Hey, you know it's been too damn long since I last posted something.........so...I figured I'll just type until I figure out what the hell I am going to say. Oh, here's a strange business for you. I am entering an essay contest right now that consists of me telling people why I am (for the most part) non-religious. This is the strangest thing I have ever seen, the grand prize is 1000 clams ($). Someone is going to pay me (hopefully) $1000 dollars to talk about myself. I wish that I could make this a full time job.

Anyway that is all fine and dandy but very boring.................I guess I just can't stay away from writing papers, even during my summer break.
Let's check out some websites shall we???

www.consumptionjunction.com - Now here's a site that you visit when you either feel like getting sick or just seeing some really weird shit. (probably don't want to visit this site at work!)

www.coffeebreakarcade.com - This is what Mason does at work all day!

since we are all usually "bored at work" check this site out - www.boredatwork.com

By the way, since our beloved bass player is in Japan right now I thought that I would post something a little more relevant to the last 25 posts on the board. Have you seen these crazy Japanese square watermelons? These damn things are selling for 80 - 90 bones a piece. That's completely insane!!!!!!!!!! It's just a watermelon...........but it's square!!!!!!
See it for yourself. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/1390088.stm

Sorry for the rambling blog..........have a damn fine time.

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