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This week needs to end!

You know I have had a wild week. I played three shows in a row Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I haven’t played in months prior to that. Only Aaron Traffas would do something like that to me. You know, I am pretty sure that Aaron has lost his mind. I haven’t seen him in a while, does anyone know if he sleeps??? Also I have three finals this week, damn this has to stop. Anyway, it seems as though the music I am playing now is extremely popular. This is very strange because I am still not sure what the hell it is??????? I need someone to explain this to me. RED DIRT COUNTRY MUSIC, what the hell is this monster that has been roaming behind my back for the past decade. This is also my first blog ever, and I’m pretty sure that I am just going to ramble about random stuff from this point forward. Back to RED DIRT COUNTRY, I need to know what the hell this is if I am going to go on playing this wonderful music!!! As a drummer there are many other styles of music that I enjoy playing, but RED DIRT COUNTRY, really allows me to have fun with what I am playing. I can be a real jackass while i’m on stage, sorry Aaron, you are really going to have to watch me. We played Dave’s on Friday, what in the hell happened I don’t know. I found out we were playing there around 6pm………on the interstate…………2 hours before we set up to play…………………….Normally this would have been a hell of a poor show with no one around to see it, but only in Kiowa, KS can someone pull together a show as good as we had that night. Thanks to everyone who came out……..I had a blast! But anyway, someone needs to teach a course on red dirt country because I am just not sure about it. I love it, its fun, a little boring in places (just for the drummer), but a lot of fun none the less. I feel as though sometimes I am doing a little too much…??? by the way, when your done reading this go check out and if you haven’t already seen them. Laugh your ass off, garauntee! MP