Could my bass amp be? / Aaron Traffas took it away from me. / It is gone since Bobby T's, will it ever return? / Its been outside so it probably has freezer burn... (sing along now)

So my bass guitar has new strings on it since Monday just begging to be played. Instead of carting that massive lump of amplifier home on Saturday night, I thought it would be a good idea to roll it right into Aaron's trailer with the rest of the gear. Aaron assured me he would be by with it Sunday at the latest. Hmmmm.

The amp missing has actually been a good thing since the end of the semester is here and I had to finish all of the projects that I put off until, well, the end of the semester. Professors should never tell their students it is "no problem" if they take an incomplete and finish a class next semester. Never.

The guy with the $5 plastic cowboy hat -cg

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