People clear nearly off the sidewalk as I approach. Phones come out with fake calls and suddenly the concrete sidewalk has the attention holding power. Others rummage in their purse, hide behind mirrored sunglasses, and manipulate their Mp3 players to look busy.

"Good afternoon"

My greeting is once again not returned.

"How are you doing today?"


I try for the time honored "hello" but still nothing.

Yet I am 'that guy.' The guy that seems to be having too good of a time to be on campus. The guy without inhibitions to speak to every single person I meet. Maybe that is weird. Maybe it is because I am the overweight, scratch that, fat guy. Maybe it is because my head is bald.

Maybe when you snubbed me yesterday, you didn't mean to. Maybe you will see me again in class as your teacher. Maybe then you will say hi.

Until then I will just be 'that guy.'

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