15 hours worth.

Nine people in a 15 passenger van.

One pregnant woman not aware of her newfound motion sickness.

Friends that flew to the same place calling and texting to "see how the trip was going."

The motor compartment shrieking. Could be a bearing. Going to drive it till it dies. And we got the good van...it does have a "system" in it complete with CD player, subs, etc. Pimpin.

Today in Nashville started off worse than the trip yesterday. We were greeted with extremely unfriendly people at our first conference. They treated us like we were nine years old and wouldn't let us into the meeting because we were five minutes late. They were the left brain English people. The kind that entered this profession to diagram sentences, bust cheaters, and maintain their desks in precise rows throughout the year.

So that was a bust. We then went to the mall and ate at Tony Roma's. Damn good ribs. I am the designated van driver for the trip so no fun for me. So far, Nashville has made me think about beer rather than music.

The mall. What can we say about a mall. I felt strangely trapped in an age warp of kids that thought I was too old and elderly people who thought I was too young. Not sure what that means. They did have a Gibson guitar store which was neat. Not because I care about Gibson guitars but because they actually have a shop, right there in the mall, where they make all of the mandolins & banjo's for the company. So, a person can browse the guitars while peering through the window at people making instruments. Very neat.

Well, I got invited to go to the Grand Ol Opry tonight as part of a publisher's event. Should be a good time. This is the most incredible hotel room ever. A 42 inch flat screen is just the tip of the iceberg.


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