Well I must say that this email is long overdue. This is a tribute to the man, the legend...Matt Egging.

Mr. Egging has been a dedicated fan of the ATB over the past six months. He and his beautiful and talented wife Katie have been to three shows and are coming all the way to Sun City this weekend! The thing about the Egging's is that they seem to have lots of friends. In fact, this next weekend alone promises an Egging family reunion of sorts at Buster's.

From coaching middle school basketball to running a marathon and smoking like a chimney in the same day, Egging never ceases to amaze me. An extra bonus is that he is yet to kick my ass for all of the bad...egging jokes.

To the man, the legend...Matt Egging. Thanks for coming out.

Did I mention he currently lives in Eudora?

I hope to see the Egging's and a few friends from closer by this weekend at Buster's.

Fishbowls, two-headed calfs, and a damn good story or two,


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