No, no Annie not you...

So I finally read The Graduate this weekend. I had stolen it from my parents house six or seven years ago but never got around to it.

Some of you may remember the song "Mrs. Robinson," which was inspired by the book. If you haven't read it, here is how it goes.

Boy graduates from college.

An older woman (Mrs. R) makes an advance on him.

They have an affair lasting several months.

Boy takes out her daughter on a date.

Falls in love with her.

Goes crazy and stalks her for a bit.

Girl finds out about the relationship with her mom.

Girl falls in love with Boy.

The end.

It is scandalous enough and short enough to hold my attention though I don't consider it a great work of fiction overall. I suppose it is another book everyone should read. I figured there were getting to be a lot of those on my list. I crossed it off.

Played Danny's in KC last week. The show was highlighted by the conversation afterwards with Trevor Burgess. It has been since we opened for him last December at Bobby T's since I had seen him. Well, techinically, it had been since Bob's Diner that next morning but you get the idea. He is doing well down in Texas and playing a little. Hope to get him back to Kansas sometime soon with a guitar and a beer in his hands.

Had a nice Christmas last weekend back in my hometown. Lots of food, fun, and family is always cool.

My apologies to the Pear Tree Restaraunt in McPherson. The Goering clan got a little out of hand that night. I saw where I got my antics as my Dad and uncles got carried away. Damn Single Malt.

Happy New Year to you and yours. The ATB is looking forward to several shows already including a pair in Manhattan. Should be fun indeed. Make your resolutions the highest possible for your size of screen.

Till then,

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