What a trip to Western Colorado!

Had a great stay and rode around all around where we stayed (Ridgway, CO) I will make this quick so not to bore anyone.

Lions-Founds Mountain Lion tracks 300 yards from the cabin in which we stayed. Awesome. Also found a Mountain Lion deer kill complete with the deer's skeleton and one of the lion's front teeth. Guess we know what he asked for for Christmas that year...

Bears-Returned from a day trip to beautful Telluride Colorado on the bikes. Had a great time there and were upstairs in the cabin letting the bikes cool when we heard a sound in the garage. We rushed to the window and the deck to see a bear cub staring back at us. Wow. He had tried on a helmet in the garage and knocked it over. Guess he won't be a biker after all.

18 Wheelers-Anyone out there ever tried to physically lift 850 pounds onto the deck of flatbed truck trailer? We did it yesterday most unfortunately. My 38 year old motorcylce officially shit the bed (dropped a valve) in Goodland, KS. Luckily, I met an Angel with 18 Wheels in the truckstop and he gladly agreed to haul the bike back to Topeka and bought me dinner on the way. Loading the bike was a bitch. Unloading it with three people, well, that is another story.

Had a great time despite the mechanical difficulties and met some wonderful people in the mountains. Had a chance to relax, write one song, and write down ideas for six more. Better get to work on that.

Till then,

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