That is where we are playing tonight. Duffy's in Lawrence. I think someone accidentally listed the show at Harbour Lights on I will have to have a little chat with him. Aaron said we could divide the band and conquer but we will stick to Duffy's. Someone else is playing down at the Harbour. I wonder if they are nervous for competition?

I am prepping for my motorcycle trip next week. Heading to Western Colorado to stay in a beautiful cabin. Can't wait to be out of here for a while. John and Jen Noonan of are going along. Should be a great time. This will mark Jen's first long trip and John's first trip on his modified bike. I currently have it in my garage as he is working on mine. I promise not to ride it around Manhattan...anymore...My bike on the other hand is 38 years old for this cross country trip. Everything they say about old Harley's is true.

Buster's on Saturday. MLHS graduates that day so maybe there will be a crowd from that. Spud said he is coming with lots of people from Pratt. We'll see.

So...come on down to Duffy tonight and help us get lost in the basement. Last time proved that it was possible.
till then, g

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