The Pendergast has remained a mystery to me over the past year or so. I have heard the name repeatedly and they have played places like Auntie Mae's and PJ's but I had not seen them. I always thought they were a thrasher metal band just by their name. I have never been more wrong.

Tony (pendergast singer) played an accoustic show at Mae's last night opening for Cary Hudson, whom I figured was a female by his name.

Turns out that Tony sounds like cross between Uncle Tupelo, Ryan Adams, and Neil Young three of my all time favorites. Wow and could this guy write songs on top of it.

Cary turns out was in a band called Blue Mountain which was on the third cover ever of No Depression magazine back in the 90's. Now those of you true ALT COUNTRY fans know that being on the cover of ND would be the equivalent of being on the cover of all the bibles produced in one year. He sounded amazing as well and much different than Tony. Kind of like ALT COUNTRY gets smacked in the face with the Blues. Some excellent slide guitar work and mean vocals put him on my list of people to see again!

So, what have we learned from this class? Names can be deceiving and very pleasantly so.


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