I have never been one for wild women in bikinis or the sun and fun of spring break so many seem to make an annual event but this is ridiculous.

Let's start with the weather in Kansas. Snow, ice, sleet, rain and highs for the past four days in the low 40's.

Let's continue with what I have been doing for spring break. For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to become National Board Certified for Teaching. The 48 page portfolio is due on March 31st. I have not left the house, expcept to take the trash to the curb once, since Sunday morning. These walls man. These walls.

I never wear sweat pants. I have worn them for four straight days now.

Showers are optional.

Let's finish with the fact that I am about halfway through this process and also about halfway through Spring Break.

I am going to the jar store in my sweat pants. I heard they were selling spring break in a bottle.

Better watch out, that sounds like a title to the next pop country hit...going to spring break in my sweat pants...I just sold (out) the rights to Kenny Chesney.


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