Well, it is 545 in these parts and I just blew into town. Bob's Diner was full of people and McDonalds was serving breakfast.

Went on a tour a la Bohn last night for his birthday party (about a month ago in case you are counting). Drove to KC to see Richard Buckner at Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club. Cool atmosphere and weird show. The guy started at 745 and played till about 915 while saying exactly three words to the crowd the entire time. "Thanks for coming." The weirdness label probably comes from either him never taking breaks between songs thanks to a synthesizer. Different and kind of a la Pink Floyd. Then afterwards, we are sitting there and this guy that had seen the show, there were 46 of us there so I knew him, erupted in a fit of anger, pushed his girlfriend, and then started yelling at Buckner. Weird. Met some cool future ATB fans Josh and Jessica and hope to see them out soon.

The tour continued with a stop in Lawrence at Stu's Midtown Tavern to checkout Travis Linville and the SugarFree All Stars. Linville played all of my requests and I bought his new CD and then a beer. Man, Dusty was right, that guy is cool just to hangout and talk to. Besides the toothless woman (I am not being funny here) that would not quit dancing, the show was pretty poorly attended and disappointing. If there are any Red Dirt fans in Lawrence, they sure keep to themselves well. Do me a favor if you are in the Manhattan area and GO to the Linville/Sugarfree Allstars show tonight at Auntie Mae's. I will be celebrating Father's Day in McPherson but will be there in spirit, especially if someone reads this and goes...

Decided it would be a good idea to head back to the familiar territory of Jeremiah Bullfrogs in Topeka following our Sugarfree Linville encounter. Ran into Amber working at JB's and it was great to see her--she has always had an unforgettable smile. From there, we hit the new place--Tailgators and ran into several more people including quite a few underage former students. Crashed in John's driveway for about three hours and then made it back to Manhappiness. Just in time for McDonalds and sleep before sunrise.

Till when?

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