What is this world coming to? Trace Adkins latest release has taken the age old swing batter, batter, batter chant and turned it into a chorus of a song.

Be afraid. I guess I can't complain about Honkytonk Badonkadonk anymore.

Saw that our old friend Tim McGraw has reached No. 7 on the CMT Top 20 with Ryan Adams 2001 release "When the Stars Go Blue." Go Tiny Tim!

Maybe Adams was ahead of his time?

Maybe his song's pop country success will finally push him over the edge from which he has been dangling for the past several years.

Am sorry that last bit demonstrated that I do occasionally flip through the pop country CMT television station. Did just see a great special on the man in black.

Last weekend was filled with music. Ran the merch table for the Blaine Younger Band at country stampede. Neat experience if nothing else. Hats off to the Blaine and the boys for representing an anti Nashville flavor at a 100 percent Nashville production. Got to hang with all the cool merch people from around the country. I was wondering what it would be like to do that as a full time job. "Yeah, I sell t shirts for Jo Dee Mesina"

Yeah, well I sell shirts for the BYB damn it. At least I did once. Speaking of shirts, the ATB is planning some merchandise additions in the near future. We will keep you posted.

Saturday and Sunday were consumed with studio time. I am with Mason on the lack of sleep not being the greatest idea heading into Sunday's recording. It was cool in the sense that the only one of us that had been in a studio to record was Mason. The rest of us can know what to expect I guess. Hats off to Chubby for being a helluva cool guy and for helping us out. Noting as painful as listening to yourself wreck a recording of a song.

Check back occasionally as more shows are waiting in the wings. Hopefully, if you are reading this, we will be coming nearby sometime soon.

Till then,

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