Jennings, KS on August 26th:

"Is this a concert or a dance?"

"Neither, it is the Fireman's Ball."

"Play some rock and fucking roll man."

The crowd went nuts for our rock set, had never really heard of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers, Aaron Traffas or or any of the rest of the music we played. But our dear lead guitarist, Jimmy Billinger decided, with Aaron's blessing, it would be a good idea to wear a cutoff AC/DC shirt.

This resulted in the crowd being crazy for play AC/DC which, coupled with Jim playing the intro to "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" resulted in constant requests and chants to play AC/DC. After finally succumbing to the pressure and playing "You Shook Me All Night," we were the rock and roll heroes we never intended to be. Three kids got posters, had us sign them, and then toted them around till 230 like they had just hit a t-ball homerun.
Interesting folks there in Jennings.

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