An excerpt of conversation from the return trip. I would say close your eyes and picture this but it might be tough to read it with your eyes closed.

I am busy recording the events of the trip and read back part of it to Aaron.

"Don't make shit up"

"Shit man, with you around I don't need to"

Van erupts in laughter.

"We need to put an ad in the paper Mason, we need a new bass player. This one's being a jackass"

More laughter.

I read these quotes back to the van.

Laughing still.

"This is like being quoted"

"I used to work for the newspaper"

"Make the ad for an illiterate bass player"

Laugh on.

The weekend was fun and the band took a couple more steps forward, one with Dusty on Friday at Bobby T's and another with Jim on Saturday at Jennings. This is the last in the series of five blogs that were written during the trip. If you have any comments or questions, email me. [email protected]

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