I just finished up a marathon run in the studio. Four days in a row, which is pretty intense for a guy who has rarely done studio work. Two days with my band "Cock the Bolt" and then two days with the ATB. The ATB got some good work done over the weekend but I think we figured out that you don't go on a bender the night before you go into the studio. Everyone was tired and cranky by the time we finished our work. Thanks to Jeff "Chubby" Smith for putting up with us, we can be pretty demanding at times. Also wanted to plug another show of mine that is coming up. "Guse" is playing on July 5th, we are opening for "Photolab", it is their final show ever, they're breaking up.
Anyway, I'm wiped out and really looking forward to not being in the studio for a week or so.
Thanks for checking in............and stayed tuned for more bulljive......coming soon!


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