Dodging beer bottles at Buster's this weekend proved to be a great time.

Thanks to all of the people that came out to party, drink fishbowls, eat, and yell at us in the middle of songs.

Speaking of, Kevin Fowler showed significant signs of maturity this time at Buster's. Every other time I have been there with him, he started a fight. I thought for sure when the bottle broke, Kevin of old would break out. Might have had something to do with his beautiful wife being there. Though she didn't seem to influence the yelling in the middle of songs quite enough. Thanks also to Jeff Albers (Art's and Mary's Fame) of Cheney for being a nymphomaniac maniac. Maybe we can make it up to Cardinal country sometime?

When I tell people that I am 27 and have roommates again and that I like it, they usually scoff. But I tell you that Annie and Jerrod are two great people. They took the whole weekend to see how life in the sticks was and come down for the show. Thanks for always putting up with the practicing. It was so awesome to finally get Annie on stage to take a load off. She keeps getting drunk and saying she is going to sing with us.

Egging deserves another mention in the blog for bringing at least 10 people out to the show. Some of them were younger than three but all seemed to have a good time. Hopefully we can play a show or two a little closer to Eudora soon.

I was surprised when Kevin Noland brought his daughter to Buster's. When I worked for Kevin at the Premiere ten years ago, she was six. Now she is 16. God I am old. Thanks for coming out and we understand why you left. Something about beer bottles breaking...

No Brad F we will not play Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....ever.

My beautiful girlfriend Julie made it to the show. She was disappointed to miss the first set. She rode out with my parents and waiting is the name of the game sometime. Thanks to everyone who made it out. If you didn't, you get at least two more chances on Mar. 11 and Apr. 15

Well, that is about it here. I really need to get focused on school for a couple of days. I had a great time and look forward to the next one already.


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