Hey this is just a quick shout out to everyone that claims to be a music fan. You know where I will be on Monday night? Better be the same place you are--watching the CMT Music Awards like the dedicated music fans you/we claim to be.

The ATB (Aaron Traffas Band) is having a watch party for the CMT's. Aaron has rented the 6th Street Ballroom and a huge projection screen operation from New York so we can all see the glamour and glitz of some of America's best musicians.

I am bringing the food and when I say that I am bringing the food, I mean it! We are having Outback Steakhouse cater the event and everyone will be supplied with steak dinner, choice of potatoes, and all the fixings you would expect.

Mason is in charge of the free alcohol and evidently has rented a beer truck to carry the motherlode from Lawrence to Manhattan. Something about 45 kegs and more hard stuff than two liquor stores can hold.

Chuck is in charge of the ladies and he has promised several sororities worth to be headed down for the party. Can't wait to see that.

I am giddy with excitement for the party but the real show will be on the huge 75ft by 95 ft screen. It will be incredible to see Tim McGraw in larger than life. I bet we could even count his facial hair if the camera does a close up.

Oh and I am so excited for this year's host. Bring on the "you might be a redneck" jokes Mr. Foxworthy. I am voting Jeff Foxworthy for president of the USA as soon as I get a chance. Hail to the frickin chief of comedy to run the show.

Of course the ladies of country music will be looking large and in charge on Aaron's HUGE screen. Can't wait to see what Gretchen Wilson will be wearing. She rocks my world...little country girl. YEEEOOOWW!

Yeeehaaw til Monday

Only seven days late on April Fools...

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