Voices in my head.

Voices. Voices.

Like switching from "Coming up Crows" to straight blues "Bob and B." by the late Robert Lockwood, Jr. before eight AM.

Like waking up at 4:30 thinking about writing my dissertation.

Maybe more like doing that all weekend and then practicing on Monday with the ATB.

Good to see Mason and Bobbi! You Lawrence people that aren't coming to Bobby (no relation to Mason's wife) T's (January 26) should go root on Mason's other band Guse at the Bottleneck. Wakarusa contes--If they win, they're in.

"Cass" by Lucero now off their latest Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers. Buy it.

"the anchor of my soul cut loose to drift..."

Panera should stick to bread. Bought some coffee there the other day.

Fast forwarding through "Long Tall Texan" by Lyle Lovett. Too early.

Funny thing about sleeping on my couch. I wake up ready to go to bed.

"Turn To The Whiskey" by Forty Twenty. It might be too early for that though I'll listen.

Not to the voices.

"Wildflower" by The Mike Divide.

18.7 days of music is more than I will listen to.

Good to know it is there though. Like the warm blanket at the bottom of the bed.

Like Steve Earle crooning "you can have my machines but you ain't taking my land"

"and the rain came down"

Check that Steve. The snow and ice came down.

Back around to Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues." Robert Johnson is the father of all modern music in the opinion of people that matter.

I should end this. Johnson's paralyzing, haunting voice seems like one to hang onto for a bit.

Till then,

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