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Ballad of the Bluemont Bleached Squirrel

Everybody stops and stares
But really nobody cares
About me, about me.

I look as fair as goose feather
With specks of my true color
Do you see, do you see?

I am the Bluemont Bleached Squirrel
Some college kids’ idea of a good time
Other squirrel’s just laugh and pass on by
They don’t have to live my lie.


This is not some sad sap story about me. There really was a bleached squirrel outside of my office this morning. I don’t know if nature bleached it or what, but it was failrly creepy. I think we should start a fund for it.

I stopped and stared.


I wanted to throw out a quick thanks to those that came out and braved the storms this weekend. Bobby T’s was another wild time, and the Diesel Tech Graduation party had to be one of the funnest shows I have ever played. Thanks for such a good time!

I also want to make anyone interested aware of our new Medicine Lodge High School Alumni website. Currently, it is setup for the Class of 96 (best class ever!) and as we get it established and in good working order, we are considering expanding it. My ultimate goal is to create a MLHS Alumni Association. I think the potential to do some neat things and celebrate our school is certainly there. In working with another alumni association while teaching at Wasburn Rural, I saw many possibilities. Thanks to Justin Jacobs for designing and managing the site. If you have comments or ideas, follow the link to my email on the contacts page.

Looking forward to playing the Gyp Hills Trail Ride Saturday.

Keeping Greensburg in my thoughts and prayers,

Till then,