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Get it white hot

So facebook just opened a marketplace.

I listed my soul for 20.00 a few minutes ago. I wonder if anyone will bite on that one. Kind of a deal really. No paypal though, sorry.

This dissertation thing really does make a person crazy. I have been home for three days. Today, I drank three pots of coffee and am wide awake at 12:11. Might not go to bed.

Been having some, "who has the biggest woofer" wars with the guy downstairs. Wait till about 5 this morning Pat Daddy. I am currently lulling him to sleep with the Pure Country soundtrack (don’t hold it against me, it is in the 100 disc CD player and I am tied to this office chair). I found my Metallica CD last night. I can’t decide between "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Battery."

Had a dream about Chris Knight last night. Fairly creepy. He and Tom Skinner showed up at my house on the way to play an imaginary gig at the casinos north of Topeka. They were in a band with a new name but I’ll be damned if I remember it. Anyway, Knight and Skinner hung out for about two days. Tom slept a lot and Chris really never said much. Pretty much just stared at the carpet and occupied a seat on my couch for most of the night. I remember that we drank a few beers and the guys decided they would rather hangout with me than go play for eight people. I think I had to go tell the people at the casino they weren’t coming because I remember some sort of riot like scene there. Dreaming about two of my heroes. There are worse things I guess, maybe.

Internet shout out to the Powell’s in Spain. Sounds like a blast!

What is today again?