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So moved

I am here in Fayetteville.

It rains everyday. Literally. Usually lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. They spell humidity here s-t-e-a-m. As in the steam comes off the streets.

Getting here was quite an experience.

The movers showed up from Arkansas at my house a day early. The driver blew out his shoe at the previous job and had to borrow mine.

"Chris, you have these shoes here with a hole in them, you wouldn”t mind if I borrowed those for today to move your stuff, would ya?"

"Uh, no, I guess not."

What are you supposed to say in that situation? Or this next one.

"Chris, Fred needs a drink of beer. I don”t drink but he drinks since he doesn”t drive the truck. Do you have any beer?"

Again, not sure what the response was supposed to be there. I gave him some beer. And more beer. And more beer..

"Chris, my wife here has been sitting out the truck and she is powerful thirsty. She was noticin that Brandy sittin on the shelf up there above the sink, would you mind if she had a glass of that?"

I was wondering if I gave her a glass of Brandy, she would get off my nice chair. She sat out in the moving truck (sauna) for three hours probably sweating out the Brandy from the night before and was plopped, with her shirt pulled up part way, in the middle of my chair. Sweating. A lot. Unnatural like.

Meanwhile Fred was getting drunk and surly. I still haven”t found my damn remote controls. I think he took them. Nice.

They worked their way through the house and when they got to the garage, the wife followed. She was getting ancy (for more drinks no doubt) and bossy and sometime in the process of loading the stuff out of slots the garage, the 1/4 bottle of single that Aaron had left in my garage over a year earlier disappeared. I didn”t see her drink it. I didn”t have to.


Surprisingly everything arrived in good shape. The house is coming together down here. I will try to get some pictures up sometime soon though I have never figured out how to post those to the blog. I am not as cool as Mason and Aaron I guess.


Looking forward to playing music again this next Tuesday at the private party in McPherson. Should be a great time: Aaron Traffas and the Fiddlers (Lucas Maddy and me)


The parting shot today is that my new office is the old principal”s office from when the building used to be a lab school on campus. How fitting that the kid that spent a good deal of time in the principal”s office is going to be spending a great deal more time there…

Dr. G

(I finished that degree last week)