Its about 1 am here and well..........having a damn good time. Yesterday Bobbie and I flew into Barcelona. We had an eight hour lay-over so we went into the city for a bit. We pretty much got lost right off the bat while looking for the Picasso Museum. Tiny street after tiny street finally lead us to the museum. Every corner we turned smelled like garbage, but the sights were beautiful. But no time for pictures because we only had an hour to look through the museum by the time we found it. I speak descent spanish but.....well everyone in Barcelon spoke Catalan. I got by with some broken spainsh though. Our next flight took us to Jerez where our friends Kristine, Lily, and Silke met us. We were up for about um................ 2 days but managed alright. Today (Thursday) I slept in until 2 in the afternoon.........ahhhh vacation. Bobbie went with Kristine to go shopping and to try on the wedding dress. Then Bobbie came home and we went to the beach to get me a nice sun burn!!!! hooray! Bobbie is fine though. Our friend Silke met us again for Tapas in the afternoon. Now I'm really tired and a little drunk and ummmmmmmm........ gotta go.

The Powells

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