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Still kicking

I realized what I was missing in my life yesterday: an outlet for completely meaningless drivel in the form of a band log.

A little bit about me. The longtime stigma of college professors is that they like to talk about good ol #1. I hate to disappoint my readers. Things are going well down here in Arkansas. I like the people, community, culture. Life runs just a bit faster than it did in Topeka or Manhattan; traffic being the most notable example but other subtleties creep up from time to time too. I am told the traffic has an east coast feel and am learning the fine art of love-bumping. Life is complete once you master it.

I am enjoying teaching the teachers and working in the public schools in the area. It seems like I meet new people nearly every day. Lots of people want to have meetings with me too which is a bit different and sometimes, well, boring.

I have kept busy with music vowing to play one open mic event per week and trying out some new songs on the NW Arkansas folks. It has been a good break from the world of academia. I am also in the startup phases with a band which will play 70’s and 80’s light country rock and 90’s and 00’s sad bastard country rock. It should be quite a mix. We will go from Fred Eaglesmith and Chris Knight in one set to the Eagles and Dan Seals in the next. Searching for those souls lost somewhere between I suppose.

I am looking forward to playing more (at least a couple shows in the books here) with Aaron and Mason. Speaking of…you know, I haven’t heard anything on here from either of those guys in quite a while. I did get to see Aaron and Lucas Maddy play at Bobby T’s a few weeks ago. It was good to just be a fan again.

I even talked to ol Dusty (the foo fighter look alike in the Red Dirt Rushmore picture gracing the top of the website) the other day. it sounds like he is settling into a new job and still living in KC. He is mastering the fine art of a 12 string guitar.

I am in the midst of conference season so I better go. Little Rock this week, Hot Springs the next in preparation for New York the week prior to Thanksgiving. See you all somewhere, cg

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