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Told You So

So before The Trailer Tapes even came out, I professed my enthusiasm for the late arrival of this ten-year-old recording of Chris Knight.

Then, I again reviewed the CD, in part, in a blog on here after I received my pre-ordered, super-fan, autographed copy.

Tonight, I was driving back from KC and heard "Cross Checking," the XM Radio Cross Country Countdown.

The Trailer Tapes was the number one album.

Big week here. I have to try to see all the people I have neglected while finishing the dissertation. Then on Thursday I defend it. Could be a party at my house that afternoon and evening….(come on over!)Movers come on Friday to pack and Monday they load me out for Arkansas. Three weeks from today I begin teaching summer classes at UofA. etc, etc. Lookin swamped.

Till then,