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Hot, Hot, Hot Springs

I find myself in the lobby of The Arlington Hotel.

JFK and Al Capone have found themselves here too.

It is creepy nostalgia at its best.

Alright, this is the coolest thing. The elevators here, of which one is still operated by a human, all have clock looking things above them. They turn as the elevator moves marking the floor of the lift. So, essentially, I can sit here in the lobby and tell which floor people go to.

There is nothing as nostalgic as the plumbing. This morning the sink wouldn’t drain, the toilet wouldn’t flush, and the shower wouldn’t turn on all at once. The fire-starter electrical fixtures take a close second. The rooms have 81/2 by 11 dimmer switch plates with knobs proportionally as large. Very dramatic and absurd.

Mineral spirits and a massage might be in my future. This is one place you are supposed to drink the water. They say don’t eat the ice though.

For those of you following my every music whim, the new James McMurtry CD came out today, tax day. Just Us Kids has been previewed for several weeks on myspace and from what I hear, I like. I haven’t gotten around to downloading my copy yet at but hope to tomorrow or at least by the time we head back up the hill.

I am beyond jealous of my true heart attending the Counting Crows with Lucas, Aaron, and Diane tomorrow night at Liberty Hall. Who would have ever believed the CC’s would be playing Liberty. With any luck I will get to Little Rock tomorrow night to see Chris Knight.

I would rather see him.

I really want to see the Crows though.

I might stay here.

I will keep you posted. is translated: