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Is that a goodnight moon? (see below)

Still making progress out here in sunny, ahem, Colorado. Yesterday it sleeted intermittently most of the afternoon. Today, they are expecting eight inches of snow up in the higher country. Brrrrr.

So far the critters have been pretty tame. I have been taking walks in the morning hoping for a glance of something cool. Today I did walk within ten feet of a deer. It looked dumb, like one of the deer which will probably end up in someone”s grille. I wonder what it thought of me? Hmmm. Fresh venison does sound tasty. Other than several of the aforementioned large hooved rats, I have seen a lizard, three ground squirrels, two rabbits, and several hummingbirds.

The writing retreat continues to be fairly productive as a whole. Currently, I am working on a book proposal that is due at the end of June. It seems I have more work than I remembered. Hmmm. Time for an ATB post, aka delicious distraction. Yesterday I worked on some songs including one I am co-writing with Effron White, a folk singer from the Northwest Arkansas area.

I am still hoping for a 2008 release date of my first cd, sort of a sampler of songwriting as much as artistry. If I could just play a Bm I would be set.

Back to work. Take care friends, g