Greetings to the ATB faithful from Ridgeway, Colorado.

I made it out to the 'Western Slope' after staying with Greg Seiler and family in Garden City, KS last night. That was sure a nice time; Greg and the girls are doing well. Today was a beautiful day for driving I say. Cross Country rocked the XM radio (except in the canyons). The Buick Riviera rolled over the 178000 mile mark like it was standing still.

I am inspired by the beauty. I am sitting on the back deck looking out at snow capped mountains for as far as I can see. I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or so. I am forever walking around with a 9mm in my hand because I keep hearing weird sounds, like the bear (this is an affirmation of your ATB faithfulness if you catch this reference) from last time. I don't want to find out if he has grown by two years.

I am here on a writing retreat--blog writing, songwriting, LitTunes writing, research writing, essay writing, article writing, encyclopedia entry writing. Don't know how much I will get done but promise to keep the ATB faithful informed.

I see Aaron has a couple more shows on the books. Aaron Traffas and The Combine are playing somewhere near Kiowa, KS on July 5th. Or are we Aaron Traffas and The Fiddlers still? Call us what you will.

Signing out from the Mountain Home Mesa Grande,


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