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Waffle House Marching Home

114 I Walk The Line
217 Waffle House March
217 Waffle House March
217 Waffle House March
217 Waffle House March
217 Waffle House March

Pretty much the best dollar I’ve spent lately.

The local Wafflizzle Hizzle looked like it needed a bailout plan. My jukebox shenanigan, for which has brought me great notoriety and infamy at Waffle House corporate meetings, nearly backfired this morning. Strolling towards the jukebox with that unfamiliar jingle in my pocket, I selected “I Walk the Line” as my escape song, then “Waffle House March” five times as my statement, and headed to the register to pay. It wasn’t all that long ago that WH only accepted cash. They finally caved but the existing structure, evidently, wouldn’t support such frivolousness as a second phone line, or (gasp) a cable/DSL modem through which they could process credit cards.

Not good.

The manager was on the phone. The phone line was occupied. A crowd gathered as I waited in disbelief. Cold sweat started to form under the waning peach fuzz left on my bald head.

Cash’s signature baritone belted out verse, chorus, verse, chorus and finally the manager ended his backroom 1-900 wake up call and the debit card transaction processed.

I told the hungover college crowd behind me who had watched me select songs on the jukebox while apparently leaving to, “Wait for the next song before you leave, it will change your life.”

They chuckled and as I pushed open the door the trumpets blared the opening notes of the Waffle House March. I marched on.


Whatever happened to the jukebox? I often tell a story of a teacher friend of mine who bought a killer jukebox a couple of years ago only to see it fall on the deaf ears of his wired-in students. They had a jukebox the size of a credit card in their pockets containing at least 1000 times more, not to mention, their songs.

Whatever happened to main street? Take a listen sometime at

Whatever happened to capitalism?

Whatever happened to America?

Whatever happened to the neighbor down the street whose lawn is two feet tall?

Whatever happened to making plans?

Whatever happened to the five-paragraph essay?

Whatever happened to the white picket fence and living off the fat of the land?


Waffle House Sunrise

Bar flies drank OJ by the carafe
Missed they are not by the wait staff
Whiskey and water, waffles and wine
Vomit and violence without a spine.



__________ +Grape Kool-Aid = Green


Does anyone believe Fox News is fair and balanced? If so, they need to take a course in media literacy. Prey on the weak, it is the right wing way.


Ryan Adams, excuse me, The Cardinals, in Tulsa tonight. They canceled the KC show last night due to the flu. At 47.50 a ticket, I must wonder if the flu=low ticket sales.

Here’s hoping the flu bug didn’t hit the Tulsa area yet,