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Hey everybody! Well, after about 2 1/2 weeks I am finally back on my feet and back to work. I had a bout with a bacterial infection in my lungs and sinuses. Very bad stuff. Two doctor visits later and too damn much money I am feeling just about par for course. I'll definitely be ready for the show on the 23rd so.........I hope that I'll see everyone out there in wonderful Sylvan Grove, KS for the Lincoln County Fair!!!

Well, I've decided. I am in the process of saving money to purchase a new kit. DW drums make the most fabulous drums on the planet. Looking to purchase a 6 - 8 piece kit. So now the money saving begins. I am looking at spending around $5,000. I'll be taking donations throughout the rest of my life to save up for this kit, ha ha ha. Just kidding. If you want check out the website and see what I want to buy.

Adios, MP

Hey, just wanted to apologize for anyone who went to the show last night at Harbour Lights. I'm sure Aaron had an awesome show but I had to miss due to a wonderful case of pneumonia that I've contracted over our tour this weekend. I have felt like I was going to croke for the past three days. We had such a great weekend though, I think my body just kept moving due to the adrenaline. I'm beginning to feel somewhat better but still have a horrible cough. Hopefully I'll be over this for the next show. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this weekend and Thanks to Ashely Cook who put me up for the night in Hays. Also, I know I don't just speak for myself when I say thanks to Tyler Hiltner. We really appreciate all of your hospitality and help this weekend. Look for another show at Dave's in Kiowa, KS soon because I believe we had a great turn out, even during all of the weather. I also believe that we'll be headed back to Ira's in Alva, OK pretty soon. Should be loads of fun. Thanks BP for giving Aaron and I such a chuckle throughout our show! Well, I guess that I will see all of you at the next show, which is coming up pretty soon. Guess I'll have to get rid of this pneumonia fast as hell.

Next website to check out:, you will honestly find some sort of fun here!

Adios, MP

Hey, you know it's been too damn long since I last posted figured I'll just type until I figure out what the hell I am going to say. Oh, here's a strange business for you. I am entering an essay contest right now that consists of me telling people why I am (for the most part) non-religious. This is the strangest thing I have ever seen, the grand prize is 1000 clams ($). Someone is going to pay me (hopefully) $1000 dollars to talk about myself. I wish that I could make this a full time job.

Anyway that is all fine and dandy but very boring.................I guess I just can't stay away from writing papers, even during my summer break.
Let's check out some websites shall we??? - Now here's a site that you visit when you either feel like getting sick or just seeing some really weird shit. (probably don't want to visit this site at work!) - This is what Mason does at work all day!

since we are all usually "bored at work" check this site out -

By the way, since our beloved bass player is in Japan right now I thought that I would post something a little more relevant to the last 25 posts on the board. Have you seen these crazy Japanese square watermelons? These damn things are selling for 80 - 90 bones a piece. That's completely insane!!!!!!!!!! It's just a watermelon...........but it's square!!!!!!
See it for yourself.

Sorry for the rambling blog..........have a damn fine time.

My first time in Manhattan in long time went very well. Aaron and I played last night at Bobby T's and had a damn fine time. When we showed up there were lots of folks having dinner and the such, many of them actually stayed around for show, which was nice. Once again, I played some songs that I didn't know what-so-ever, I also played some tunes very poorly that I did know. Anyway, I really hope that we can go back and perhaps even take Chris with us next time. The drive from Lawrence to Manhattan didn't seem so bad because I took I-70. Know what makes for a long drive? A few beers and highway 24 in the middle of the damn night, I was exhausted. The blogs going to be short today, I am at work, humorless, and ready to go home. But the show went very well.
Thanks to Bobby T's for having us out, I had a blast.


I love me some Mexican beer. But why does it have to be so expensive? Imports, I got it. Anyway, I have some recomendations on some really excellent beer. the first is a beer called "Sol" (sun in spanish)............I did pass my spanish class with an "A" this semester........and that's what I learned "Sol" means "sun", and it is a fabulous beer to drink. The beer gets even better when you stick a damn lime in's like taking a drink of the sun.....yet.....less hot................................................................................................I really have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. However, an update from my last blog. I am slowly figuring out this Red Dirt Country thing. It's not country.......but it is.......but it's not....I don't wear boots and that's okay...............I'm really bad at playing just a simple country beat............but that's okay sometimes too! Slowly but surely I'll figure this damn genre out, I swear. Back to beer, mmmm, Tecate........I know everyone and their dog knows about Tecate, but! what not everyone know is how you need to get each beer. Here's a list:

1.) Tecate - cans, preferably in a six pack - note: you can buy alot of six packs to make the night long.
2.) Corona - always bottles (But we all know Corona is like the Budweiser of Mexico)
3.)Sol - Always buy in 32 oz. bottle[s], pour in a cup and serve with lime, it'll rock your socks off!
4.) Dos Equis (That's "XX" for you who are not trained in the arts of Spanish, as I am.) Just drink it out of the bottle. Also try amber.

.................More to come...........I swear..........This is just a taste...........................................................

I am on this endeavor to find many mexican beers because Mexico holds the best Brewmasters in el Mundo, That's "the world". I've rambled enough...

You know I have had a wild week. I played three shows in a row Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I haven't played in months prior to that. Only Aaron Traffas would do something like that to me. You know, I am pretty sure that Aaron has lost his mind. I haven't seen him in a while, does anyone know if he sleeps??? Also I have three finals this week, damn this has to stop. Anyway, it seems as though the music I am playing now is extremely popular. This is very strange because I am still not sure what the hell it is??????? I need someone to explain this to me. RED DIRT COUNTRY MUSIC, what the hell is this monster that has been roaming behind my back for the past decade. This is also my first blog ever, and I'm pretty sure that I am just going to ramble about random stuff from this point forward. Back to RED DIRT COUNTRY, I need to know what the hell this is if I am going to go on playing this wonderful music!!! As a drummer there are many other styles of music that I enjoy playing, but RED DIRT COUNTRY, really allows me to have fun with what I am playing. I can be a real jackass while i'm on stage, sorry Aaron, you are really going to have to watch me. We played Dave's on Friday, what in the hell happened I don't know. I found out we were playing there around 6pm.........on the interstate............2 hours before we set up to play.........................Normally this would have been a hell of a poor show with no one around to see it, but only in Kiowa, KS can someone pull together a show as good as we had that night. Thanks to everyone who came out........I had a blast! But anyway, someone needs to teach a course on red dirt country because I am just not sure about it. I love it, its fun, a little boring in places (just for the drummer), but a lot of fun none the less. I feel as though sometimes I am doing a little too much...??? by the way, when your done reading this go check out and if you haven't already seen them. Laugh your ass off, garauntee! MP