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Scatter and Succumb

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Scatter and Succumb

© 2017 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

They said that we should be silent.
They said that it was their turn.
They said that only they could fix the mess we made.
Then we watched the world burn.

They started to dismantle.
They were vicious.
They were reckless.
With rescinded liberties and institutions under siege, we became feckless.

They closed their eyes as the mad king built his throne.
We covered our hearts as they slowly turned to stone.
They abandoned all pretenses as our consciences grew numb.
When it’d come time to [change] [fix] [save] the world we’d scatter and succumb.

We tried to be defiant, to nevertheless persist, but their tenor of debate and contempt for the fourth estate was too much to resist.

If only we were stronger or their ideas weren’t discordant.
They built walls and hoard their gold.
Their stomachs full, our children cold, we found their avarice abhorrent.

Oh, they normalized the fear that kept us out of the streets.
Oh, now it’s too late as their conspiracy’s complete.
Oh, we’d compromise and not recognize who we’d become.
Oh, we’ve grown too dumb to adapt and overcome.

When the mountaintops are islands and the damage forever done, we had our chance to save the world but we’d scatter and succumb.

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