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The End

The End

My heart vibrates like a string
I can only feel the world if my ears ring
With every flurry of feeling comes the can’t and won’t and never
And I have to understand that it’s all a charade
So when I find another pocket with a different touch and flavor
I become more sure as I step out of the shade

I will play all the good songs that the radio never knew
I will tell all my stories again and again
And if after all my breaking down I can still find a brand new
I know there must be ink left in my pen
Because I still haven’t found the end
I still haven’t found the end

Now a reason to smile is never too long away
But I can only feel alive if I have something to say
I am crafting my tales in leaps and turns and lurches
With every new beginning comes a new end to find
and paradigm to purchase in fits and starts and searches.
I keep the pen advancing leaving my life behind.

If my ears stop ringing or the bed stops spinning – if I learn to fall asleep alone
If my mind stops racing or my eyes stop squinting – if I stop doubting all I’ve ever known
Then I might as well just pack it in because I know I’ll have found the end
Until I can count everyone among my friends I still haven’t found the end