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Subdivision from Hell

Subdivision from Hell

© 2019 Chris Goering (BMI) and Aaron Traffas (BMI)

I’m looking out at the sold sign on the field across the road
I’m looking through the same cracked glass as my daddy years ago
It’s an awful, lonesome feeling to have to sell his land
He turned our life into living out our dreams with his two hands

Now I see a subdivision from hell
Yeah, you know the kind
People stuck spinning in cul de sacs of their minds and hearts
At least I didn’t sell to Dollar Mart

Little ol’ me I’m just sitting here, counting my chickens and cows
Counting the days as they pass by the piles of used coffee grounds
I watch the townies building sidewalks, sprinklers and homes
Push came to shove with the banker; now at least he leaves me alone

I bet they all shop at Dollar Mart

My job today is to wake up and live as long as I can
For it will take the death of me for them to take the rest of our land


When it’s over till it all under, leave only a scar
Let the people across the road finally get the rest of this farm

And they can have the big box store from hell
You know the kind
People pushing shopping carts in their minds and hearts

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