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Anchor or the Sail

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Anchor or the Sail

© 2017-2018 Aaron Traffas (BMI) and Chris Goering (BMI)

Will you vote for the anchor or the sail?
Must we stand our ground or can we let the winds prevail?
What might building a better world for our children entail?
Will you vote for the anchor or the sail?

We mustn’t go hungry because of where we live
     while pulling extra shifts, still scared for our kids.
We work harder for less while the corporations profit.
We privatize their gains and socialize their losses.

Is it kindness or profit when their motives unveil?

Freedom means nothing if we can’t all be free —
     if we mortgage lovingkindness or block grant dignity.
We can’t circumscribe the types of love allowed
     if we ever want to live with our heads unbowed.

Do we dare make policy and not decency avail?

Our legacy must be to win hearts and not wars
     and suffering and cruelty no longer ignore.
If we teach our kids nuance and kindness to strangers
     we’ll leave them a future no longer endangered.

Can we open our hearts and our bigotries curtail?

Compassion can move mountains if we don’t get in its way
     with conspiracies and distrust, divisiveness and hate.
It’s not just tilting at windmills — we can still recover.
We can be great again if we love one another.