Watch Archipelago

Copyright © 2000 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)

C    C9    G    G    Gsus4    C    Em    C    D    G

   Em                 C         G            Bm
My twang caught up with me as I found my paradigm.
C          G             D
My accent didn't cost enough.
I didn't have a way to make it through the brine
to become the tide that she's dreaming of.

     C       C9        G Gsus4 C
She thinks about the ocean sometimes.
     C         Bm                   C      D
She misses the wind blowing in her hair.
    C    C9   G  Gsus4  C          Em
She'll always be a far off shore to me and mine.
        C            D                   G
Would my clandestine feelings take me there.

She swam out into the sea; she said she's way too good for me.
I just mope on the shore with the rocks and the waves.
And what's more, this metaphor is drowning me
and forcing a love under protest behave.

She's got her own little archipelago.
She keeps the dock under lock and key.
She's safe and sound from everyone she's ever known.
This white-capped calamity is taunting me on the beach.