|G2	|Am7	|Bm7	|Am7	|GMaj7	|Am7	|Bm7	|Am7
|G6				   |G6sus2
The chords I can play are too simple 
 |C+2				|G6
for the songs acting out in my head
  |C		   C/G			|G		   G6sus2
Where a ten-year-old's trapped turning knobs and pulling levers, 
|Asus2				  |D7
trying to not have to go to bed
   |G6			  |Amsus4
And I believe he can figure it out
   |C		C+2		|B7
And he'll probably even make it rhyme
  |G		G+2			 |C		C7
Because if my life to this point is any indication
|A		   A7		  |D		D7
All he needs is just a little more time

    |C				  |G			
The boy in my head wants a better world
   |D7					 |G
Devoid of all the selfishness and greed
|C			|G
The promise of a future built on one another
 |A				  |D		 	D7
With a little less hate and fewer hungry mouths to feed
|C		    |G
And it'll be hard but we can get there
   |Em			Bm			|C		D
If we quit choosing sides and work together instead
|C			|G
All we need is [inspiration][civility][creativity]
|D		C		|G
And the persistence of the boy in my head

Some ideas that he has are just silly. Some leave us both terrified.
But his iterations on his machinations never seem to leave him satisfied.
I need some hope for to these weary eyes to offset all the suffering I see.
I know if I leave the boy at the helm, he'll bring out the best side of me.

|F		Dm		|Bb
Our better angels caution tolerance
	|G				  |C
Of denialists and capitalists and salesmen
		|F		Dm		|Bb
But those demons can't take away the twinkle in his eye
	|G	 			   |A			D7
Or the smile on my face when I see what next he will try
Watch The Boy in My Head