Watch Ghost

Copyright © 2003 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)


C				  	F 
I played the bar last night and I sang about you.
C				     F
Every song I sang started with your name.
Am		    G		       F  
I know you couldn’t hear me because you're so far away.
I sang for you to come back anyway.

All the letters that I send go unanswered.
The messages I leave for you go unreturned.
I don't know how I can create the catalyst
and build a bridge to cross that you can't burn.

F					C
And if I don't cry tonight I'll cry tomorrow,
F			       G
somewhere in the miles that stretch between you and me.
F	          C		 Am		   G
Every bar is another chance that you might just be there,
F		    G		    C
and every show's another you don’t see.

I’m strung out on the road but I keep on driving
an expensive four lane drug that I just have to take.
The highway doesn't care about the stories that I tell,
but if it did you’d still be far away.

I have another show tonight at Buster’s,
one that I don’t think I can play without your ghost.
The one which I created from what I recall of you,
she sits in the corner booth at every show.