Watch Mirror

Copyright © 2004 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)

G	D	Bm	A
G	D	Bm	A	G	D
Bm	A	G	D

F#m				G
You could accuse me of so many things
		D		A
and you'd even be right, no defense could I bring
But I am not scared and what means more than your touch, 
you tell me you love me and I believe you so much.

G			           D
The face that you love can't be the same one I see 
	Bm	 	   A
every day in the mirror looking back at me.
	  G		        D
When I close my eyes I know that you'd want to go
   Bm	  A	          G	      D
if only you knew what that mirror knows.

When you look in my eyes I am so afraid 
that maybe you’ll find what my face can betray.
In fact, that doubt must be there; 
     somehow the fear you don't mind.
If only like your love that mirror was blind.