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Never Forget

Copyright © 2006 | Chris Goering and Aaron Traffas (BMI)  

G    Am              C                 G 
I70 east after the show I played last night 
Bm    C	  		G	       D 
I began to believe I finally found Ms. Right 
G	         Am		         C	     G 
Couldn’t wait to see your face, and your look of surprise 
Bm		C		  D	        G 
The empty roads came and went, I shifted to overdrive.    

Another cup of coffee burnt the inside of my mouth 
A green sign tells me your waiting only 30 miles south 
My eyes stuck open wide with the courage of fading youth 
My heart raced like the engine I was pushing 
     hard to get to you.    

We’d planned breakfast and to spend some time that day. 
I was supposed to be not there but with the band in Hays. 
You called several times to be sure 
     I wasn’t coming to stay. 
Thought you’d be happy about the extra trip I’d made.    


At 5 in the morning your little black car was gone 
The lights were out the doors was locked, 
     but what could be wrong 
I called and knocked made that doorbell sing a song 
But the house was empty and you were gone    

Your eyes spoke clearly that morning 
     in the rain when you arrived 
I’d slept there in my truck on your empty concrete drive 
You made it was my fault for trying to make you smile 
I walked inside swept under denial.    

The evidence was there on the floor 
     as you showered without a sound 
I just stood and stared and started to drowned 
I stepped out of the bathroom, 
     paused and took a good look around 
My walls crashed down with memories I left without a sound.    

On my way home that day, I was out of control 
Felt dangerously close to the edge 
     of losing what’s left of my soul 
Felt like a fool right then, felt used as a stripper’s pole 
Thought about the gun under seat 
     but revenge is best served cold    


Decided I’d write a song instead 
     and it probably won’t make us rich 
I don’t want to hear from you, 
     don’t want you dead in a ditch. 
But I hope you hear this song and it lets you know I’m sick 
In the mirror every morning 
     you'll see it's you I won't forget

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