Watch Reality

Copyright © 1999 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Break my heart I ask of you
Give me reason to live
Now not for but because of you
See if I care
There’s no need to apologize
	    C		G
You've done nothing to forgive
You say you see doubt in my eyes
	C	   G
I pretend it isn't there

You'll never know how I care for you
Or how I always will
You'll never know why I do
I'll never change the way I feel
It is I who apologize
If I've caused you guilt
I know not what your love is like
I guess I never will

Em		C
A no-win situation
   G			D
I loved for every minute
Em			C
I’d thought out the equation
I was forced to choose
Em			C
I could live with the fantasy
G		D
But not really live
Em		C
Or if I faced reality
D				G
There was no way to lose

I’ll stand for my convictions
Like I would have for you
The stars alone know my mission
No matter how small
I played the hand I was dealt
I bluffed when I knew I’d lose
I raised the stakes by how I felt
I knew I’d be called

The path that I’ve taken
I’d take it again
You’re quite mistaken
When you say I’m wrong
Who are you to tell me
That I didn’t win
It’s our quest for reality
That makes us strong