Watch What's Wrong with Me

Copyright © 2006, Aaron Traffas (BMI)


G	D	Am	C  

G		 D 
I'm pretty good at finding things wrong. 
Am			   C 
There's always something. Nobody's perfect. 
G	     D 
In solitude, comfort plays long. 
Am			 C		  D 
It's brought back again by the slightest defect. 
G    D		       C		  D 
There's nothing about you that I can find to push you away. 
G	D		C		D 
I'm scared to death I might decide to let you stay. 
Am		   C 
It's crazy how I'm trying like hell to set you free. 
Am			    D 
There's something wrong with you 
     because I know all that's wrong with me  

I'm pretty bad at finding things right 
It's never easy; the things that I do 
In company comes a nervous night 
Always refrained, but not with you  

Am		    D 
I self-deprecate to cope with who I am 
Am				C	  D 
I never guessed that I could placate that within