Aaron Traffas Band

    Anthemic Americana and post-punk alt-country music from Kansas
  • Aaron Traffas Band

    Alt-country and Americana in Wichita
  • Aaron Traffas Band

    Red dirt country in Lawrence
  1. Real Small Town Aaron Traffas Band 4:09
  2. Lonely Misses Me Aaron Traffas Band 3:54
  3. Red Dirt Farm Aaron Traffas Band 4:31
  4. What's Wrong with Me Aaron Traffas Band 4:22
  5. 24 Feet Aaron Traffas Band 3:01
  6. Game Theory Sound Aaron Traffas Band 4:34
  7. Fence Post Aaron Traffas Band 3:31
  8. Capture Love Aaron Traffas Band 3:42

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Listen to sample songs from our albums Enter: The Wind and Dirt Red Sun. You can also listen to the entirety of each album from our discography.

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About us

The Aaron Traffas Band, based out of Lawrence, Kansas, is a regional act that blends influences from national alt-country legends, as well as the best of the Texas country and red dirt music scenes, into its its own edgy ag rock sound.

With a studio focus on writing honest, original songs about loss, love and longing, and a live show emphasis on professionalism and entertainment, the ATB has released two, full-length albums and played shows in venues and festivals big and small over their last 10 years together.

The Aaron Traffas Band