I was most excited to see Stoney LaRue open for Ragweed last night in Wichita but was disappointed. Stoney played what I would call his "b-list" of songs and did it in a very lackluster manner. His portion of the show seemed rushed and like he had thrown together some people to play earlier that day.

The CCR portion of the show was juiced. The Cottilion was sold out and the majority of the people there were Cross Canadian Ragweed followers. I don't know how many that place holds but it has to be at least 2000. Ragweed played a solid show and gave the people what they paid for.

But even their show had an unprofessional edge to it because LaRue wouldn't get off the stage. He insisted on standing up there and playing with Ragweed. That would be fine but he didn't know any of the songs. He watched Cody Canada play and tried to follow the chords on his guitar but didn't do it successfully. It was really obvious that he was clueless. Hmmm, when Cross and Canada are both playing with a capo and LaRue isn't, I wonder....???

OK, so I am on a roll here so I will keep going. Ragweed covered the Dirt Bentley song that is on CMT all the time. I don't claim to know the name of it but do know how it made me feel. I almost threw up in my mouth.

Mason, sorry I didn't get back to you after the show. I was so "tired" that I fell asleep in the middle of a sentence.

Aaron, I will be back in Manhattan the first of this next week and want to get together and practice if at all possible. I cannot imagine 78 hours in one week. Welcome back to the world on Monday. You might need to get really drunk sometime this next week. Hmmm, I bet we could handle that.

Getting ready for my parents party tonight.

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