I have no idea what that means other than "finished" maybe. Maybe Mason knows since he just bombed a Spanish test. It is probably spelled wrong. I hope it doesn't mean something bad like "I love cats." I hate cats. That would be a blog worthy topic about exactly how much I hate cats...

Finals are over for another semester and all of the work I put off till the last three days was turned in yesterday at about 4:35 (25 minutes to spare). This has been my most challenging semester of school so far. Each of the three PhD classes I was taking busted my ass fairly constantly. I could not have stayed teaching and taken this many classes. Being back in school again after five years in the "real world" has been, well, at the very least quite interesting. More to come on this topic as I try to grasp the meaning of it and life in general

For know, I am heading back to my old hs to see a few former students and colleagues. Always good to go back but hard to think about.


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