I just returned from Topeka having visited several former colleagues and students from Washburn Rural High School. It was good to be back and great to see my old stomping grounds.

Speaking of former students, my best friend John Noonan, owner of Burn Out Cycles, took me out to lunch today to the new Hooters. I had a feeling that I might run into someone and sure enough, Jena K. was there. I enjoyed talking to her and the food, despite the stereotypes, was quite good. But I must say that eating there was one of the most stressful things I have experienced lately. I was ready to hurt somone.

First of all, the last two seats in the place were on these four-peg, no cushion stools that were extraordinarily uncomfortable. Second, Hever (pronounced ever) ruined my life by loudly yelling at the waitresses every minute, sometimes more often. He was the head cook and our table was about ten feet from his station. Every plate of food that came up from the kitchen prompted him to scream Jena, or Mary Kate, or Amber, or whatever name came to mind. I have not wanted to tackle someone that badly since I played football. Third, the music was so loud. Why do we need ear-shattering volume. I love music. Sometimes, I love really lod music. Next time I will bring ear protection. Actually, check that, there won't be a next time.

Join with me and yell at EVER if you go in there.


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