Close your eyes and picture this...actually, read this and then close your eyes...but don't do either while operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

Crossing New Mexico on I-40 at 80 miles per hour in my father's rap-mogul-wannabe Cadillac Escalade, I was listening to Houston Marchman on the Cross Country Channel on XM. The heated plush leather seats are gently soothing my back as the cool drink rests patiently, faithfully by my side. This is absolutely how long trips are supposed to be made.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter echoes from the backseat where my parents are watching comedy DVD's.

I look around and nothing seems funny. I veer into the other lane peering back at them and they are smiling from wireless headphone to headphone. I cannot hear the DVD.

I regain control of the vehicle, my bladder, and the cold drink only to be restartled (hey I can make up words, damn-it., because I taught English for five years)by a second fit of ear-shattering laughter.

At this point I realize that the men with white suits are waiting up ahead somewhere and the calming sensation returns.

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