Of all the sad bastard, semi-suicidal songs I have heard lately, nothing matches Brandon Jenkins' "Finger on the Trigger." He says that he lost his job and the bills are getting bigger. He's got a baby crying. He has a hundred dollar habbit but not a penny. He can't keep a job because he is too fucked up and the SRS is about to take his kid away. On top of all that his woman ran'd off with a friend. If you don't need counseling prior to listening to Jenkins' CD "Finger on the Trigger," you will afterwards. The title track along with another sad bastard "Down in Flames" are my favorites but "Red Dirt Town" is as solid just not as sad. This a great CD--buy it.

AT and I rolled in about 3 this morning from the Harbour Lights show. It went well and I have to throw a shout out to all the people that came out. I was told that was the busiest Harbour Lights had been in a long time, let alone on a Sunday. Hats off to Suzy, Jill, Jessica, Annie, Jeff, John, Katie, Matt, April, and everyone else that came out for the ATB debut down at the Harbour. Also, thanks goes out to Dusty Feighner for playing the break and helping out on vocals towards the end of the show.

The shows this past week were incredible. Between the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash and the Randy Rogers Band in successive nights, my sleeping pattern was significantly altered. If you missed the shows, go buy their CD's as the two groups try to keep country alive. This next week features Trevor Burgess and Jared Pete Gile at Longhorns on the tenth. It should be a great time. Hope to see you there. G

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