I got my big break today in Nashville. I played three songs with the house band at John A"s.
Folsom Prison Blues
Some song I have never heard. Classic country in C we will call it.
The final one takes the cake though. Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.

Yep. They are supposed to be waiting at my door tomorrow morning with a limo.

This is pretty much the highlight of my musical career, right next to my fourth grade recorder concert. The best part had to be Sharon. She was the house bassist. You pronounce her name Char own. Like Sharon Jean from Roy D. Mercer. She had a badass bass. A 71 Fender P with flatwound strings. She had a badass hair do too. It looked like Billy Ray on top and Willie Nelson on the back. Kind of a Willie Ray Mullet look. Very attractive. She had eight chins too and strangely but unmistakably resembed a tortoise, a really old tortoise. There was nothing wrong with her playing and singing though. She made me want to take lessons.

Today seemed to be a better day. The interview was pretty cool. It was on a rotating bar in the Opryland. Now that would make a heckuva story to tell the grandkids.

Tonight was topped off by the best dining experience of my life. Seriously, it was that good. We all went out to eat at a place called the Stockyard, ironically an old office buidling for the stock yards in Nashville. This was "one of the ten best steakhouses in America" according to the brochure. It is. Phenomenal food highlighted by a 22 ounce prime rib that was bigger than my head. I ate it all but the what made this experience was Claude. He was one of the funniest people I have ever heard about or met in my life. Late 40"s African American and had everybody laughing the entire time. To the point that one lady said "she had never laughed that hard in her entire life." Heck, she is probably 55 so that is saying something.

After signing the recording contract tomorrow, there might not be too many more chances to type blogs on here. I will keep you posted.

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