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Wednesday, 2 August 2006 at 0:40 PST

Reposted today

THANKS to everyone that came out to PJ's tonight. The Navigators out of NYC were very cool guys and incredible players to boot.

Aaron and I got to experience several new songs together onstage tonight. All apologies.

Peak of white.

We played Guitar Town for the first time since March or something ridiculous like that. I hosed it.

White goodness.

We played some new songs and some old but we did get a good response from the crowd. That was cool since due to the lack of ear monitors we were thrown off for a bit

God bless the color whtie.

Thanks to Tyler Gregory for a compelling set. Too bad you missed Folksinger's Defense, it might have been written for you. Next time.

Like missing a home-made film, the white was blinding.

RIP to Aaron's accoustic bass guitar. I think that thing can officially be shot to the moon. Love playing it at home by myself but it proved to be a liability tonight. Thanks to the soundman for trying to fix it. Not your fault. Jimi Hendrix feedback is only cool when you are playing an electric.

Thanks ultimately to Dot and PJ's. The Navigators were a world class group out of NYC and only a few people in this town have a clue. Of course I might sound like a self promoting SOB for dogging on the people of Manhattan for missing this band but they were good. We played after them. We would have gladly yielded the stage and let them rock more if people would have been there.

Is the art of live music dying? That is the question. More to come on this topic but tonight was another case and point.

Delicious whiteness.

Finally because this is getting long and late, check out the new Lucero CD when you get a chance. These guys are from Nashville but anything but. Damn good band and their latest CD could very well be there best effort.

If you get a chance, ask Aaron why he no longer has an eyelash.

Too bad your mom reads this Aaron.

ps--shout out to Chris CD Deines. That guy came out the other night and we had a fab time. He should come to Manhattan more often. I thought I was hard on Aaron. Man. That guy is brutal.

Get your rears to Buster's on Saturday. We should sound decent and it will be cool to hear Anthony Farrar. If you are staying in the NE KS area, get to Duffy's for Mason's band Guse.

Till then,

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