Friday the thirteenth at Bobby T"s was frustrating. My microphones quit working. My ear monitors didn"t work correctly. My guitar quit playing intermittently. My tuner didn"t work correctly. Pretty much everything I touched on Friday turned to quit. I saw someone run over a black cat the other day. Is that worse than just one crossing in front of you?

After five hours of sleep, I attended three hours of meetings and drove nearly four hours home for Busters. Just Aaron and me this time around which was fun. Met the man that inspired Aaron to write "Fencepost." Turned out he was a huge Old 97"s fan too. Wild. There was a huge rattlesnake skin with legs hanging down from the middle of curtain behind us. I named it Ribeye. He took requests all night. Thanks to the dinner crowd for eating.

Decided to stick around the ol" Lodge yesterday. Dad roped me into planting trees. If anyone thinks that Kansas isn"t in the dire straits of a drought, they have not tried to dig a hole lately. It was nice to be home and feeling helpful around the house. Sometimes I am not there long enough to say hi.

On the way home today my car tried to quit. It only has 140,000 miles on it so I don"t understand the problem. There was a bearing squealing like it was on a Masse..., uh, John Deere. At least it didn"t start a field on fire. I made it to Midway Motors where brother Gabe and the crew took the car and sent me down the road in a sweet 06 Gran Prix. I remember getting the bottom of the barrel loaner cars; I guess having a brother in high places is a good thing! I promise not to torture it we used to when we were just smartass punk grandsons of the former owner of the dealership. Someone bought a purple Z28 from there that we test drove into the ground one afternoon. To top it off, I got a message from the bank when I got home: the car is officially mine. Great.

Get ready for a wild weekend. I will be in Wichita Wednesday through Friday, Emporia that night, Aggiefest all day Saturday and Topeka on Sunday. Hope to see you there, g

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